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  • I’m writing a book through a platform called, “LeanPub” which allows you to publish a book in sections at a time in a subscriber model.
  • If you purchase a subscription to this book, then you will get access to the book as it comes out, in eBook format.
  • You choose what to pay - it can be as little as $4.99.
  • The main thing I plan to use the revenues for this book creation is to pay a graphic designer to help create icons.
  • The first installment of this book came out on October 31st, 2021 and the second installment came out on Pi Day, March 14th, 2022.
  • If I can get a lemur-based cause to take some of the proceeds of this book by signing up on LeanPub, I will do that as well - so any purchases of this book should have a portion of the proceeds go to actual lemurs, which are highly endangered - in fact they are the most endangered mammal on earth.

  • If you don’t want to make the full committment to buy the book or share your email, you could also follow me on Twitter where I regularly post working information and drafts, although this material is not likely to look as sharp and snappy.

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Further Details About the Book

About Probability for Lemurs - the Book

The ambition of “Probability for Lemurs,” is to communicate probability-based math concepts in an easy to follow visual way - ideally so that lemurs (and perhaps other primates) can understand said concepts and apply them in their daily life.

Why Probability

Probability is the branch of math which looks at how likely something will happen, or how likely something is true. In our information-rich, high-consequence world of the 2020s, statistics and probability are being used more and more to argue for actions and policies.

Since probability is taking such an increasingly important part of our global dialog - whether it’s through talking about how votes are counted, how climate change affects us, or how disease vectors spread, it’s important to be able to have a crystal clear understanding of the math and be able to communicate it easily and succinctly to others.

Why Lemurs

Previous to the mid-2000s, lemurs were thought to be not quite as smart as their more sophisticated cousins, monkeys, apes and humans. Research at Duke University showed through a series of experiments involving touch-screens and plexiglas boxes holding raisins and buckets hiding grapes and other treats, that lemurs can pass the same types of I.Q. tests as chimps. Lemurs can represent approximate numerical values and have numerical rule-making abilities.

The idea is that a book about probability should ideally be so simple that a lemur could understand it.

Beyond their smartness, Lemurs are critically endangered - in fact they are the most endangered family of mammals on Earth, and it might be nice to give them some more attention. Lemurs come from Madagascar, an island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa hosts at least 12,000 plant species and 700 vertebrate species, 80% to 90% of which are found no where else on earth - among them are lemurs. Almost One-third of all lemur species are critically endangered, which is the next step prior to extinction as of 2020. 98% of lemur species are threatened, which means that they are likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future if they are not already.

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